Why Us?

Why Us?

When completing the college application, students are often asked to address unique prompts, including “Why us?” or “How this school will help you achieve your academic goals.” These types of questions require applicants to do extensive research and be specific when explaining their reasons for applying.

To prepare, brainstorm a list of the specific things you love about Amazing University and highlight those details in your essay.


Whether your bathroom is a calming spa sanctuary or a bold, vibrant entertainment space, it’s important to plan carefully. A professional designer is a great resource for helping you navigate the process from start to finish.

Choosing a design expert who specializes in remodeling bathrooms means they’ve got the hands-on experience to understand the unique challenges that come with these projects. They’ll also have access to industry-leading products that aren’t available at home improvement stores.

Many independent designers charge an hourly rate for their services. However, some offer flat fee packages for the initial planning meeting. These are called design retainers and typically cover the pro’s time spent on the project. These may also include an introductory meeting to brainstorm your bathroom ideas and an estimated timeline of the project.

Watersheds are defined by hills, ridges, and other land features that route water downhill to a river, lake or ocean. The soils in the watershed filter out harmful pollutants and ensure that the waters are clean and safe to drink.

The smallest watersheds may include just a single stream or river, while the largest cover huge geographic areas. For example, the Mississippi River watershed drains a huge area across the United States, including all of its tributaries. All the streams in its watershed converge into one river, then a large lake or ocean. Watersheds are critical to human and ecological life.

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