The Windsor Health Shop and Clinic

Windsor Health Shop and Clinic

Windsor Health Shop and Clinic are a short-term, full-time facility for people who are experiencing an unexpected trauma or crisis. The rehabilitation services offered by this clinic are geared towards helping clients overcome temporary hardships. In the last ten years, the number of people needing services at Windsor Health Shop and Clinic has increased dramatically. In fact, in the last four months alone, more than one hundred new patients have been treated here. The reason for this sudden influx of clients is the high quality of services and rehabilitation that is offered by this organization. Find Out –

How to findThe Windsor Health Shop and Clinic

The Windsor Health Shop and Clinic was established in 1988 as a hospital outpatient surgery center. It has been operating successfully ever since. Since then, it has also been known as a full-service facility with specialty clinics that specializes in various treatment options for people who are experiencing trauma and are acute. It is a medium facility with long-term and short-term rehabilitation rating of average and good. The rehabilitation services offered at this clinic offer both inpatient and outpatient services.

The services provided at the Windsor Health Shop and Clinic are managed by fully trained registered nurses and licensed physical therapists. This ensures that the services and programs are tailored to meet the needs and the preferences of the individuals. It is a medium-size clinical facility with total number of beds for patients who need to be admitted. Over the last three years, it has added a new wing to the building which is dedicated to providing long-term skilled nursing and custodial care to the patients. This wing is known as the Covid-NorthCare.

This new wing of the Windsor-Essex County health unit offers rehabilitation services to the residents of the unit on an inpatient basis who require specialized care, nursing and emotional support. This wing also offers a long-term care center for the elderly people who are in the long-term care facilities in the area. The facility has been able to add more than thirty-five beds to the 2nd floor to accommodate more people who are suffering from long-term illness and are requiring more intensive care. In addition, the center is also affiliated to the Chesapeake Aging Center which is a registered nursing facility that offers long-term care, community living and other assistance to senior citizens. It is located in the town of Windsor.

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