The Different Parts Of A Roof & How To Make A Claim In Columbia


Roof Deck – The roof deck is the plywood, OSB, or 1 by pieces of wood that are attached to your rafters and forms the main structure of your roof. It is very important that this always remains dry.

Felt Paper – Felt paper is the vapor barrier between your shingles and your roof deck. It must be laid across the entire roof deck from edge to edge and leave no decking exposed. It prevents moisture from reaching your roof deck. Call Alpha Omega Columbia SC Roofing Today!

Waterproofing Underlayment – Waterproofing underlayment is an asphalt, vapor tight, sticky roll which is used in valleys and other parts of the roof which are more prone to leak. It is used as an extra layer of protection.

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Shingle – There are many different kinds of shingles to choose from but the 2 most common are Architectural and 3-tab. Architectural give you more definition and a longer warranty.

Flashing – The two types of flashing, step and counter, serve to block water from infiltrating the structure of the home where the roof meets a wall or a chimney. Flashing is critical to a sound roof system.

Do You Have Storm or Hail Damage to Your Roof?

If you think you have Hail Damage, follow these steps:


  1. Call a reputable roofer, hopefully, us, to inspect your roof and discover if there is real damage.


  1. Call your insurance company and file a claim.


  1. After you have filed a claim, your insurance company will give you a claim number. Your roofer will need this number to start the roof replacement process.


  1. A representative from your insurance company, an insurance adjuster will contact you within a few days of filing your claim to schedule an appointment to review your damage.  When they call you, please call your roofing company and let them know when the adjuster will stop by so one of their roofing experts can be present.


  1.  Be sure to select a roofer that has a track record and has a permanent presence in your area.  Avoid storm chasers without a physical address in your area. You want a roofer that will be around to fix any problems or handle any warranty claims should something come up.

Getting a Claim Check from Your Insurance Company

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