The Benefits of Horse Trailers

horse trailers

A horse trailer or simply horse van is utilized to move live horses from one location to another. There are various styles, ranging from portable units able to house two or more horses, capable of being pulled by a pick-up truck; to gooseneck models that hold up to twelve horses, typically pulled by a 1-ton dual-purpose pickup. Horse trailers are often required on large-scale ranches and farms.

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Although not solely for the purpose of transporting live animals, horse trailers are also used to move equine stock, most commonly for show and competition purposes. Show horses require much more flexibility in terms of space and weight restrictions, so it is important to choose a trailer that best suits your purpose, and the type and condition of the horse you intend to show. You will need to make sure that your horse trailer can carry the weight and size of your horse, as well as accommodate their equipment and other things needed for the competition. It is best to hire professional drivers who have been trained and certified in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, as well as allowing the driver to give the necessary safety measures in case of an accident.

In terms of living accommodations, horse trailers come in both self-contained stalls with a partition. Self-contained stalls, also known as saddle-box stalls, are smaller sized, more akin to a standard garage, and can hold between one and three horses at a time. Horse trailers with a partition, also called a saddle barn, are much larger, can hold a minimum of two horses, and come with multiple stalls. Seats in a stall, unlike those provided in a self-contained stall, are made of special padding that allows horses to rest comfortably during travel and sleeping.

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