Smoking Your Lips – A Lipstick Weed Pipe Addiction

lipstick weed pipe

You may have seen or heard of the weed pipe with lighter built in. This is a rare weed that grows on your lipstick and it is a big pain. It’s probably best if you don’t smoke it, because the weed is strong and the ash from your cigarettes is the equivalent of rubbing a burning bush directly on your lips. The worst thing is that this weed is growing in large numbers and it will start to destroy your lips very quickly. I heard of people getting addicted to this stuff and began to beg their friends to smoke more. If they refuse, then the weed will get them to smoke even more, which in turn causes them to beg even more.


For those who are addicted to this stuff, it’s like a vice that will never leave you. The moment you light up, your lips start to feel tingly and you feel a strong desire to smoke. After a while, you will feel numb and your vision will become blurry until you just want to lie down and stop smoking.

There are some easy ways to cure yourself from using your lipstick weed pipe. One of the easiest ways is to drink an entire glass of milk. Milk contains calcium and when you drink it, the nicotine will easily enter your bloodstream. Another way is to apply alcohol to your lips and then you should not smoke for the rest of the day. You can also try gargling with salt water after smoking a cigarette or eating a raw potato that has been cooked into a crusty substance that has nicotine in it.

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