How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

An immigration lawyer – Micki Buschart will help you obtain your passport or at least make sure that you have a valid one, if you are having trouble obtaining one from the US government. In Kansas City there is an immigration lawyer who is called Mr. Micki Buschart. When you hire an immigration lawyer, the first thing that he will do for you is to check your immigration status with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He will also try to get you a temporary visa that can be used for 90 days or until you get your permanent visa.

If you are a person with an immigrant background in America, like a person who came to America as an orphan, or like a person who has served time in prison, then you can apply for an immigrant visa known as an alien visa. An immigrant visa is valid for three years and it is important that you always apply for one even if you plan on returning to America once you got your permanent visa. However, an immigration lawyer – particularly one in Kansas City, Missouri, will tell you that if you want to stay permanently, you have to go for a green card. A green card is not easy to obtain, but it is the easiest of all the visas that are available.

There are a lot more immigration lawyer – or immigration attorneys as they are more popularly known – in Kansas City. The best way to find one in Kansas City is to use internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo! To find a good immigration attorney – whatever your requirements may be, it’s better that you hire one in Kansas City, Missouri, than anywhere else.

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