Basketball Pole Pad Benefits

One of the best investments in a basketball court, whether you have a court installed at home or play on an expensive basketball court at an arena, is a basketball pole pad. These pads come in many different sizes and styles, from small, light pads that are perfect for the backboard, to larger pads that are ideal for the basket, and even portable, floor-mounted pads which are great for playing outdoors or in low traffic areas where a basketball court is not located.

Basketball Pole Pad

In addition to providing extra padding between the basketball flooring, basketball pole pads can also help prevent injury in several different ways. Most basketball injuries occur when a player accidentally drops his arm while jumping or turning, which can cause severe pain and damage to the forearm and/or hand. If a player is injured, he may need to miss a game or practice, as well as missing time at the hospital, costing him a lot of money.

Basketball court flooring can also be prone to damage due to the constant movement that occurs on the court. If a player accidentally slams his/her foot onto the floor, the shoe can usually absorb the shock. However, if that player has an ankle injury or foot injury, the shoe will not be able to absorb the shock, and the shock will be distributed over the whole area of the shoe. The result can be an open cut in the shoe, or a ripped, discolored, or broken shoe.

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